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About Me

I'm a software engineer with a passion for building cool and fun things, ranging from small community projects to video games. My professional experience includes in-depth code investigations, automation projects, data analyses, test-driven software development, and teaching software engineering fundamentals.


Hymnal V2

Solo Project

A progressive web app, installable on both Android and iOS via a browser, constructed with Vue.js. The app utilizes a custom-built JSON dataset containing the hymns and features a custom search functionality. Currently a work in progress, it will receive additional feature enhancements and optimization updates in the future.


Hymnal V1

Solo Project

I created this website within a week to provide easy access to hymns for a Christian group in Lithuania. The site is intentionally light and simple, constructed solely with HTML and CSS with plans to develop a more advanced version in the future.



Solo Project

I constructed a personal website for my wife, an osteopath/medical acupuncturist, without relying on frameworks. This project served as an opportunity for me to practice semantic HTML and refine my styling skills.



Pair Project

In a week-long paired project, we developed a full-stack MIDI music maker enabling users to create and share songs. The back-end, featuring an SQL database, was served using Django REST Framework to a React front-end. My primary contributions involved building the back-end using Python, developing the index page and song view in the front-end, and taking the lead in styling the project.



Group Project

A week-long project, working in a team of three, to build a full-stack application. We used Express to build our API and serve our data from a Mongo database, consumed with a React front-end. We used Git to work collaboratively to create a Spotify/Soundcloud-inspired application. I worked on the back-end features including models, controllers, error handling, and comments and song-list functionality in the front-end.


Everyday Holiday

Pair Project

A two-day hackathon pair project to create a React app that consumes a public API. We chose the “Calendarific API” as our data source and designed it with SCSS. The result is a minimalist, mobile-friendly app showcasing local holidays for all countries.


Cosmos Intruders

Solo Project

A week-long solo project to build a grid-based game rendered in the browser, using ‘vanilla’ JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I created a clone of a classic Atari game “Space Invaders”.

Naked Wines

Junior Technical Support Engineer

September 2023 - Present

At Naked Wines, my role demands a deep understanding of the company's vast codebase, database, and overall domain. I proficiently navigate and query these systems for efficient investigation of issues, delving into error stack traces and interconnected repositories built with diverse languages and frameworks to resolve problems effectively.

Additionally, I work on automation projects, major incident management, provide support to colleagues in ad hoc incident analysis, and write and review SQL data fixes.

General Assembly

Teaching Assistant

May 2023 - November 2023

I worked as a teaching assistant for General Assembly's "Software Engineering Immersive" course, which I had previously completed.

My role involved guiding students through software engineering fundamentals, assisting with classwork, homework, and technical issues to ensure they received comprehensive support throughout their learning journey.


Associate Software Engineer

Nov 2021 - Nov 2022

My core responsibilities included developing custom integration scripts for hotels and booking engines to facilitate search and reservation data gathering. I prioritized writing tests before coding and delivering code daily, addressed production bugs and integration improvement requests through JIRA and Slack, conducted data reviews and investigations with DataDog, and utilized SQL queries for data extraction and bulk importation.

Additionally, I collaborated with senior engineers, presented technical updates in town halls and engineer meetings, participated in coding dojo exercises, and organized social team activities and remote events.

General Assembly

Software Engineering Immersive Student

Mar 2021 - July 2021

I attended a full-time 13-week immersive coding bootcamp to learn in-demand programming languages, frameworks, software development tools, and engineering best practices.

Throughout the course, I attended lectures, collaborated with classmates on various coding tasks and projects, and greatly enhanced my communication and teamwork skills.

Homes for Students

Senior Customer Service Advisor

Nov 2020 - Mar 2021

Oversaw the management of multiple student accommodation properties in London. This included organizing renovations and major repair works, ensuring financial compliance, training fellow customer service advisors, and meeting all of the KPIs

In acknowledgment of my dedication, I was honored with the company-wide recognition of Customer Service Advisor of the Year, leading to my promotion to Senior CSA.

Customer Service Advisor

Aug 2019 - Nov 2020

Managed the day-to-day operations of student accommodation, overseeing sales, inventory control, room viewings, debt collection, and ensuring health and safety compliance. Additionally, maintained a strong social media presence, coordinated student events, and delegated housekeeping and maintenance duties.

Premier Inn

Duty Manager

Jul 2017 - Aug 2019

Worked as a Team Leader, responsible for ensuring smooth and efficient operations across front-of-house, reception, housekeeping, and kitchen. Supervised stock control, ensured compliance with finance, health, and safety regulations, and trained teams according to company brand standards.

During my time at Premier Inn, I received both the Team Member of the Quarter and later the Team Member of the Year acknowledgments.

Team Member

Jun 2015 - Aug 2017

Reception and restaurant duties which included providing a brilliant and warm experience for guests throughout their stay, responding to their requirements and complaints in a professional and result-driven manner. Ensured an excellent dining and breakfast service, managed drink stock, led the team, and set up for successful and efficient shifts.

I like to...

Make Stuff!

Currently, most of my hobby time is dedicated to building games in Godot. Additionally, I maintain other side projects and am eager to learn Blender and Three.js.

Edit Videos

I love dedicating time to collecting footage on special occasions and spending hours stitching together fun, detailed, movie-like films that are entertaining to watch and bring you right back into the moment.


Challenge me to a badminton game! I may not be the best player in the world, but it's a sport I enjoy the most.

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